Review: The Mitchells vs. The Machines

The thing I liked least about this movie is that I didn’t get to see it at the cinema. Like that’s the worst part. I had to watch it at home. If you couldn’t tell from this “negative” criticism I loved this movie. It spoke to to all the weird parts of my brain but also to all the emotional parent bits too.

This is such a well-crafted movie. “Craft” is the key word here, like Spider-verse it feels like each frame has been hand-worked to perfection. It’s a predominantly CG animated film but it’s garnished with 2D animation with flourishes of live-action. It doesn’t just accept its medium it bleeds over into others in hilarious ways.

This refusal to stick to convention is what really works for the film. This really works for the story too which never feels beholden to what typically should happen. Not that this some Avantgarde art piece but rather it tells its story the way that works for the characters and the filmmakers. As an audience member you’re not being spoon-fed or spoken down to. It truly felt like the true example of an “all-ages” movie.

The film knocks it out of the park with its focus on character and it tells a really emotional story. For all its manic energy it doesn’t stop a well rounded story from being told. Each of the main characters has an arc which is both fulfilling and relatable. There were multiple moments of tears and for very different reasons each time.

This is a movie that’s going to be in heavy rotation in my household. Sony’s done a great job with that lately and I’m really excited to see what else they’ve got coming out. As for director Michael Rianda I have to imagine that he will be sort after for new projects, I’m so excited for seeing more from him.

Bat-shit crazy, touching and all kinds of fun: ★★★★★