Film Review: Ford V Ferrari

Ford V Ferrari is high-octane fun unlike a Fast and Furious movie. It’s a drama at its core but it delivers on providing driving sequences that will make your heart stop and hair stand on end. It’s a drama about two men (Matt Damon and Christian Bale) trying to achieve something artistic, the perfect drive, inside a corporate machine. It’s a parable for Hollywood, it’s comparable to most things corporate.

What’s not comparable to most things are the two performances by our two leads. Damon and Bale are on stellar form, creating rich and empathetic characters. Director James Mangold never plays up a sob story or uses too much exposition to explain the characters’ drive. He allows his actors to convey this in their performances. This is a perfect example of a director letting go and trusting his actors.

I’m a fan of most sports. I’ve attended a Grand Prix, watched the Super Cars and played Daytona in an arcade. I’m not what you’d call a racing fanatic nor do I know many things about how cars work. But what Ford V Ferrari does, as what many of the great ‘art allegory’ movies do, is it made me really care about racing. It made me see the art in trying to achieve a perfect lap, it showed me the creativity in nailing down a cars performance, and let me understand the ingenuity in getting a race car out on the track.

This film felt perfectly balanced in testimony to what that the real life team did with their 1966 Le Mans car. The 152 minutes flew by and I just thoroughly enjoyed my time at the cinema. This is what I want from a drama film and what I think audiences want to see if they’re looking for a reprieve from blockbuster films. Coming right out of the US summer this film will make the perfect antidote for anyone seeking just that remedy.

Heart-racing racing, perfect performances on and off the track:


Written by Benjamin Boekelaar