Film Review: Color Out of Space

Straight to the point, I have no idea how to review this film. The less you know about this film the better.

In giving as little detail as possible the film follows a family of five living on a small farm in a rural area of Massachusetts. One night something comes from space and lands in their backyard. From there, shit gets weird. That is all you really need to know, being someone that went into this film blind, having never read the short story. The movie was a wonderful surprise in how enjoyable it is, especially considering who is in the lead role

Speaking of Mr. Nicolas Cage, fans of his will adore his performance in this film. In the first half of the movie I was impressed at how low key and subtle his performance was. He was almost believable as a father of three who living in rural America. In the second half of the film though, he brings out his full blown Cage. It’s a magical performance that fits into the bizarre places the film goes perfectly.

Joely Richardson is sadly not given much to do. All we know is that she was sick at some point and it had a huge impact on the family but the film doesn’t give much information. Wish more was done with her.

The kids are great, I was the most invested in the film when it focused on the two older siblings. When we were with actors Brendan Meyer and Madeleine Arthur, the film was at it’s best. Arthur gets a lot more to do than Meyer but both give great performances.

If you love 80’s horror, body horror, Lovecraft and/or Nic Cage then you should definitely check this film out:


Written by Shane Davies