Film Review: El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie

Before The Walking Dead made it one of the top cable channels in the US, Breaking Bad along with Mad Men was helping build AMC as a home for some of the best written shows on TV.

For 5 seasons up until its final episode, in September 2013, Breaking Bad was considered by many as one of the greatest shows ever created and as one of the few tv dramas to have a satisfying ending.

Surprisingly a prequel series was created involving the supporting character Saul Goodman, it seemed like an odd choice but turned out to be a show worthy of being in the Breaking Bad universe.

Even more surprisingly Netflix and AMC announced plans to produce a 2 hour movie following what happened to Jesse Pinkman after the show ended.

The movie picks up exactly where the show ended, with Jesse driving away from where he had been held captive for years. From there we follow Jesse try to get rid of the El Camino he drove off in, get money he needs to pay off a debt and then attempt to get the hell out of Albuquerque.

What we get here is a film made solely for fans of the show that wanted just that little bit more time in this world. The film is unnecessary as the show didn’t leave any loose ends that the audience was craving to have resolved.

While uneccessary it was nice to have the focus shifted to Jesse as he would often get put on the sidelines in the series as the show was understandably in love with its lead character. So it was nice to see Jesse as the lead and Aaron Paul acted like he had never taken a six year break from the show.

There are appearances from some characters of the show. Some important ones and some that were in one episode. The one other character from the show that plays a decent sized part in the movie is Jesse Plemons as Todd. I love Plemons in this role, he plays the character as dumb but also unhinged and could do anything to you at anytime. He is legitimately scary.

Fans of the show should get a kick out of this. A nice farewell for Jesse Pinkman and a good reminder of how great the show was:


Written by Shane Davies