Short Film Review: Battle at Big Rock

Battle at Big Rock is a surprise short film from Jurassic World steward Colin Trevorrow helping to tide us over til Jurassic World 3 hits theatres in 2021. It’s not a surprise in that its announcement came out of no where but also in how damn good this short film is.

Running at a measly 8mins this film actually feels a lot shorter than that. Before the film premiered Trevorrow expressed concern that todays ADHD, mobile savvy audiences won’t watch an online video that runs “that” long. But he need not worry. This thing grips you by the eyes and drags you through all 520 seconds like you’re strapped into an amusement ride.

As someone who loves (loved?) the MCU one shots (I converted to blu ray so that I could watch The Consultant on the Thor home video release) I fully welcome franchises doing shorts. I want content, though more importantly than that, I want more ART. Battle at Big Rock is proper story telling, not a deleted scene or a “teaser” trailer. It stands on its own and with the rest of the Jurassic universe.

This was a welcome and faith restoring surprise from Jurassic World:


Written by Benjamin Boekelaar