Film Review: Good Boys

Surpassing it’s namesake Good Boys is great. $20 million in the current movie landscape isn’t a lot but Gene Stupnitsky (Director & Co-Writer) and Lee Eisenberg (Producer & Co-Writer) use that money to bring as enjoyable a ride as movies with 10x the budget.

This is a film filled with heart, vulnerability and an insight into tween life that’s unexpected coming from two 42 year olds. The casting is fantastic and the fact that they were able to get consent from the boys parents to do the things these kids do in this movie is a Hollywood miracle.

Clocking in at only 89mins it’s also a very refreshing reminder of how much better comedies work when they’re not bloated, 2hr+ indulgent improv fests. That’s a bit of hyperbole and I do love a lot of comedies that fit that description but nonetheless Good Boys fast pace was a welcome change to the movie norm.

I truly hope that Good Boys becomes a classic cult comedy. I hope that when my son becomes a foul-mouthed tween he sneaks this movie from my movie collection, watches it behind my back and then shows all of his friends. I would have loved this as a kid despite how traumatising it would have possibly been.

Good Boys is a good time:


Written by Benjamin Boekelaar