Film Review: IT Chapter Two

The Kill Bill Vol 2 of second half horror movies IT Chapter Two is good, just not as good as Part 1.

I’m not sure if it’s the lack of involvement of Cary Fukunaga or maybe just taking artistic advantage of the financial success of the first movie. The film is less focussed and makes some story telling decisions I didn’t really want. Not that what I want should really be taken into account by a filmmaker.

As someone who’s never read the source material I’m guessing that, unlike Chapter 1, Chapter 2 draws more heavily from the books structure. It flashes back to the adventures of the kids which I think is a waste. I loved the cast of the first film but knowing they survive to adulthood and then flashing back to them in life threatening situations took away the tension. They were good horror set pieces but I felt no sense of danger. The kids are also CGI’d to look younger which people have taken issue with but I was oblivious so it didn’t affect my experience.

A decision is also made to separate the main cast for a long period of time. This could once again be what happens in the book but I didn’t like it for the film. I really liked the Chapter 2 casting and really would have liked to see everyone together more so that I could have loved them like I did the younger versions of the characters. The 27 year gap is jarring for a characters progression and I just needed some more time to see the chemistry come back.

My gripes are exactly that. Really more just nitpicks. IT Chapter Two is a solid film and hopefully all my issues are solved by the combined cut that’s been teased.

Solid scares and good to see big budget mainstream horror film:


Written by Benjamin Boekelaar