Film Review: Us

What happens when you give Jordan Peele $20 million to make a follow-up to Get Out? You get a film that’s equally as good and looks fantastic!

Green-lighting Us following the success of Get Out was a total no-brainer. After Jordan Peele announced himself as a new cinematic talent with his debut film it makes great logical and financial sense to throw projects and money at him and see what he can produce. The most impressive thing in my opinion is actually how conservative Peele has been in continuing with his Directing career.

There was a lot of talk of blockbuster films, including an adaptation of Akira, in the aftermath of Get Out’s success and you wouldn’t have blamed Peele for making some money and making the leap to the big time as so many indy directors do these days. Instead Peele opted to move up one level and increase his scope from Get Out’s $4.5 million budget to Us’s $20 million and make a film that is still small by studio standards but enough money to be both ambitious with plot and with the camera.

I loved the look of this film and the way Peele has started moving the camera. His style is evolving and his story telling is becoming cleaner and better. This film feels like a truly cinematic Twilight Zone story and as bizarre as it is horrifying. Horror is more than just jump scares and monsters and Peele once again shows that this is the case.

If you liked his debut film then you should love his sophomore effort. This film is not what the trailers had lead me to believe and gets bigger and, weirdly, more sci-fi than I would have ever imagined.

Thrilling from beginning to end:


Written by Benjamin Boekelaar