Film Review: The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part

The only silver lining to Phil Lord and Chris Miller being unceremoniously fired from Solo: A Star Wars Story was that they were going to have more time to focus on their other projects that were concurrently in production. But when that silver lined cumulonimbus did in fact break it poured solid gold from the heavens above.

Oscar winning Spider-man: Into the Spider-verse needs only be mentioned this one time in this review because this is all about the “sequel that shouldn’t have”. But let it just be known that if the trade is Solo for Spider-man and Lego Movie 2 then that is a very good deal.

If I were to be cliché about all of this I would talk about the inability of sequels to live up to their forebears or if I was to find a way to be negative I could talk about how the surprise of the first film’s originality wasn’t quite as surprising this time around. However I want to just judge this film for what it is…which happens to be a fantastic movie.

Right from the off you are thrown head first into the incredible world of Lego. I saw it in IMAX 3D so it felt doubly so that I was falling into the Lego universe. The film looks fantastic, the photo real bricks are indistinguishable from the real world so much so that they could easily get away with marketing it as a stop-motion film.

If you want a film that’s hilarious, heart felt and Bat(man)-shit crazy then this is the film for you and any member of your family regardless of age. This isn’t like a 2000’s Dreamworks film with jokes for the kids and jokes for the parents. This feels universal, like the same joke just works for anyone who is open to it. That’s hard to do and you can see the years of work put into this fine-tuned 107 minutes of awesome.

I just felt so good after watching this film and felt transported and as entertained as I did when I first fell in love with films as a kid. Popcorn films that have emotion and a message whilst still maintaining their entertainment are one of the best things to experience in the cinema. Plus you get to hear Chris Pratt do an amazing Kurt Russell impression as Rex Dangervest.

And yes, that song did get stuck inside my head: ★★★★